Summer Volunteering in China(Near Shanghai) with Reimbursement on Travel Costs (August 2nd – 8th)



Danyang, is a thousand-year old city and famous for the name “Capital of Glasses” in China. Located in Jiangsu Province, about 200 km from Shanghai. “Sino-US Premier Summer Camp in Danyang“ is held and organized by Danyang TV Station for local elementary school students.

With the globalization and opening to the world, Chinese students have strong will to be international and know as much as they can about the overseas world. For those elementary students, security is a serious concern when they travel abroad. Considering this, the Camp organizer prefer inviting foreign teachers (the volunteers) to Danyang. We will provide a relatively closed, well-established camp so that the elementary students can be immersed consistently in an international environment to experience on American culture and education in China.  In doing so, the American volunteers have an opportunity to be in and know about China as well.

  1. Date of the Project: Aug 2nd to Aug 8th, 2017
  2. Venue of the Project: Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
  3. Requirements for the Project:
    • Level: undergraduates and graduates
    • Nationality: USA (priority. Or those familiar with elementary education of USA)
    • Numbers: 7- 20 volunteers (Depends on the number of camping elementary students)
    • Others: those who have specialties or experiences for tutoring/lecturing will be selected first.
  4. Contents of the Project

Around 10 elementary students in a group with 1 supervisor (the volunteer). The supervisor will design classes and other interaction for his/her group. Supervisors may prepare classes for language, science, history, arts, social etc with reference to elementary education in USA. Games and other kinds of interaction are welcomed too. The organizer will discuss with the shortlisted volunteers for the class designing to bring camping students American elementary education style.

  1. Fees for the Project

The Organizer (reimbursement) will cover fees of the flight, Visa, insurance and accommodation in Danyang. A free trip nearby will also be provided or help to arrange other trip in China.

  1. Application Deadline: Jun 15th 2017
  2. Contact:, +86 136 6157 4416
  3.  Registration link for the Recruitment